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What we do


Media market agencies

Social media advertising offered by SPS in Dubai & the MENA region is a collection of operations and methods with the sole aim of generating publicity (commercially). It’s different from other methods, as publicity is done through online communities and socialmedia websites which include Facebook and Twitter. Social media advertising works on the simple concept that advertisers should go wherever clients hang out.



What is your marketing strategy ? Not prepared yet ? Tell the world about your brand – It’s the age of social networking. Online & offline brand market services by SPS will help you in reaching out to your targeted customers and your online presence. It is the best and quickest path to compete in one of the best locations to be in the world, Dubai Abu Dhabi & whole of GCC.


Dubai medias agencies

What is your brand? What does your brand say about you – how does it control your business? It’s the age of socialnetworking. More companies are using socialmedia to discuss their brand, talk about its products and services, and introduce products with a sole intention of creating a brand image and wide customer base. SPS will help you in managing your brand and your online presence. It is a way to popularize your organization online and even offline in one of the best locations and competitive markets in the world Dubai.


Event management agency

We are also an event management company, our aim is to convert any event to an interactive event and our market expertise will help us make the big noise about it. Our professional team is dedicated to bring up always new creative ideas to increase interaction and visibility with your audience to bring in the success for any event we build in Dubai Abu Dhabi and anywhere else.


web app development agencys

Our new concept for events is doing great! Haven’t you heard about it ? All you need to do is to ask about Powder Up which is one of a kind concept in Dubai Abu Dhabi & GCC. We will color your event with beauty which will bring a huge success to any kind of event from Marriage, to business events with endless creative ideas.


SEO/PPC & copy writing

We have brought the Italian experts at developing 3D Design Concepts to Dubai, this team will produce for you the best quality of 3d designs in Dubai and the region. We do projects B2B and B2C, our designers are glad to work on your upcoming projects and show your competitors that you are way ahead of the market trends and technologies.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

SPS offers, Marketing smart solutions from A to Z including ; Individuals &  Commercial projects etc… They all kick off with meeting the clients and receiving the brief and the precise requirements and information about the projects, don’t forget to pay us a visit in our offices in Business Bay Dubai.

After the case study is done, the concept is built and shared with the client for a meeting to discuss about all the plan created.

We design the plan so we can get the maximum outcome of it! Our clients will be just relaxing & leaving everything for our dedicated team to handle and finish. Do not forget the simplicity in our process which will keep the project moving smoothly in the correct direction until we have reached our results.

Last but not final comes the implementation phase where we start with the process that our team has created and designed for each project case. The team will work with full power to complete before deadline and give you the best quality and rate in Dubai and the region.

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